NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, this conference has been postponed until further notice!

Conference Registration

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October 20th - 21st
If you are interested in attending this awesome conference, please register below. Remember to make a donation in the amount that our Creator places on your heart. He is the One who is making this informative and educational conference available to you! Your donation allows us to provide this conference in a romantic and safe atmosphere. See conference outline and details.

Please be sure to put a note in the comments section about your meal preference and if you have any food allergies, please make a note of this also. You will have a choice of either a chicken, salmon, or vegetarian meal.

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Note: Since PayPal is down, please mail all donations (money orders ONLY) directly to:

c/o Post Office Box 2233
Greer, SC 29652

Please leave the pay to the order of line blank, as we are still looking for a hosting site for the Conference.
Thank you very much!

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