Recommended Readings for an Enhanced Marriage

This is the list of reading materials we recommend to ALL couples who enter into a counseling covenant with us:

Reading materials may be purchased at any Christian Bookstore or click here or here to check availability and/or to order these helpful marriage tools.

Books may also be purchased in our online bookstore:

Answers to 21 questions Christian women have about sex. Yes, we have questions too. Sex is only a dirty word if use it out of context! Outside of marriage, that is.
HOW DID OPRAH MISS THIS BOOK??? Says one reader ... This is one of the funniest and most truthful books I have ever read about not just marriages but relationships. Plus it doesn't get all vague to the reader. It is great counseling with comedy. You can't help but to see your self in this book.
This is the main guidebook we recommend. God's divine plan for marriage is engrafted in these pages. "It's in my Bible; it's in yours, too, if you ain't tore the page out!" -- Rev. Radden, Pastor Emeritus - Enoree Fork Baptist Church, Greer SC