NEW: Teen Parent Ministry, My Life Has Just Begun©TM

It is with great honor, pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction that we announce the newest ministry "birthed" this year, our Teen Parent Ministry, My Life Has Just Begun©TM.

 My Life Has Just Begun, a ministry for helping Teen Parents

To Our Potential Contributors and/or Sponsors:

Greetings Family, … by the way, we consider ANYONE who is in our “helping people help each other” network of neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, business associates, etc. ... our “Family.”  So with that behind us now Family, we are My Life Has Just Begun©TM, a Teen Parent Ministry of Tell The Truth Outreach Ministries©, and our immediate goal is to obtain our 501(c)3 IRS contribution status in order to FUND this ministry, validate its existence, and increase not only our physical, but also our financial standing in the community. This will enable us to receive funding from such companies as CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Bi-Lo, Toys ‘R Us, The Bi-Lo Center, OB/GYN Offices and other Physicians Offices, Television Networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Lifetime, OWN, Television, Newspapers, and Radio Stations for advertising, Furniture Makers, Distributors, and Stores, Families as well as Individuals, Organizations and Groups, etc.  

About Us: We were put here for such a time as this to assist in the grooming of today's Teens, who seem to have somehow fallen prey to the "Teen-i-vorous Venus Fly Trap," which steals their behavior consciousness! Once caught in this behavior-modifying trap, our Teens’ consciousness is digested and devoured, and they are left with no one to help them climb out of the trap and back into society. This is where we come in. We refuse to look down our noses at these Teen Parents like so many “religious” entities out there do, who say they are doing “God’s work!” Our Creator has taught us, unfortunately through our own experience with Teen pregnancy, that this was NOT the way to the Teens’ hearts. We have agreed to reach back, encourage, and actually HELP the new parents with clothing, nursery items, and baby supplies they will need to bring their gift from above home.

Mission Statement: To assist Teen Parents (BOTH the Mother and the Father) in becoming the most well-rounded parents they can be for their new babies, by promoting counseling and education in the areas of: New Parenting Skills Counseling, Pre-Marital Counseling, Total Family Counseling, and Abuse Counseling (ANY - including Substance Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Spousal Abuse, etc.), in an effort to train and educate them to become counselors themselves in these areas. This will teach them to instinctively and innately counsel other teens they encounter who may be going down the "wrong" paths of life.

Description: Tell The Truth Outreach Ministries© has “birthed” a Teen Parent Ministry this New Year called, My Life Has Just Begun©TM, which was inspired by the most beautiful Teen Parent Couple you have ever seen, our first recipients of a Ministry Sponsored Baby Shower this year,  Tiffany and Daniel. They have their heads screwed on right, ... they KNOW what they want to do in life, ... they just needed a little boost to help them turn that last corner, since becoming pregnant in the middle of their plans. Because of their own efforts to continue on their life AND educational paths, they have inspired us to help them continue on their path of Righteousness.

Our ministry will now be giving some special young ladies and gentlemen a little extra help this year. We are counting on all of you to help us show these young parents the Love of our Creator, so they will feel loved and encouraged, even though they have encountered a "bump" in their life's plans. We are teaching them that yes, life does still go on, and that they can indeed continue on the path of life which leads to success and happiness. Even though they have an “addition” to their future plans, “their life has really just begun!”

Please don’t mistake our Godly kindness for these teens as supporting pre-marital sex OR teen pregnancy. Our support of Teen Parents is in NO way, shape, form, or fashion a statement of support of pre-marital sex. We are simply reaching out to those who are “normally” … if you want to call it normal … ostracized by our society, and these teens fall by the wayside, remaining unloved, unsupported, and black-marked as outcasts of society, when they were simply bitten and consumed by the “Teen-i-vorous” Venus Fly Trap, which steals their behavior consciousness!

We thank you kindly for your support of our My Life Has Just Begun©TM Teen Parent Ministry, and thanks so much for your heartfelt contributions,  

Drs. H. Alan and Ayn Bailey, Tell The Truth Outreach Ministries©